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Dr. Myles Spar is a leading authority in Integrative Men’s Health as an author in the field, Ted Talk speaker, contributor to the LA Times and expert on Dr. Oz and The Doctors TV shows. His optimal men’s health program, Tack180, includes state-of-the-art testing and individualized interpretation with your goals in mind, including genetics, nutrient levels, hormones, advanced heart disease risk assessment and more. He is based in LA and works with many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, but can work with you wherever you are. As an Ironman triathlete, Dr. Spar designed his program with elite athletes and performers in mind, which is why he’s also been selected as one of the National Basketball Association’s primary medical advisors on men’s health for teams across the country.

  • Top Tier Training

    Dr. Spar graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School and completed his residency at Tulane University and fellowship at UCLA Medical Center. He was invited to join the prestigious medical honorary society Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA).

  • Realization of Gaps in Training

    Towards the end of his training, Dr. Spar realized that the health care system was more of a sick-care system. He was frustrated by the lack of training American medical students received in basic prevention or nutrition, so he sought out further training in improving the quality of care he could deliver by doing a research fellowship and earning a Masters in Public Health.

  • Humanitarian Work

    With impact of a more global level on his mind, Dr. Spar volunteered with and later joined the Board of Directors of Doctors without Borders, the Nobel Prize winning medical humanitarian organization.

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    Integrative Medicine

    While working abroad, Dr. Spar recognized that true health was about much more than medication. He saw the impact that natural therapies, supportive communities, belief systems, meditation and manual therapies had on prevention and treatment. He returned to the US dedicated to learn what was science-based about complementary modalities, leading him to complete a fellowship in Integrative Medicine under Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona.

  • Integrative Medicine for the Underserved

    Dr. Spar began working at the largest free clinic in the US, the Venice Family Clinic, where he started a comprehensive Integrative Medicine program offering free services in acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, yoga and stress management among others while teaching and performing research.

  • Advanced Medicine for his Patients

    Dr. Spar joins the Southern California Men’s Medical Group as an Integrative Internal Medicine expert, offering primary care and consultations in optimal health utilizing advanced testing and integrative health plans focused on prevention and goal-oriented recommendations.

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    Family and Community

    Dr. Spar’s focus is his family, and leading the kind of life he encourages his patients to embrace. He is married with two children and a dog. Besides being with his family, his passion is competing in triathlons. He is an Ironman and continues to train and race, spurring his kids on to their own athletic pursuits – including a family triathlon they all completed in Mission Bay.

  • Awards and Publications

    Dr. Spar blogs for the Huffington Post and has written for the Los Angeles Times. The Oxford University Press recently published his first comprehensive book on Integrative Men’s Health, which is now available on Amazon. He has also appeared on The Doctors and Dr. Oz programs. He is most proud of being a recipient of the highest honor in Integrative Medicine, the Bravewell Leadership Award.

  • Precision Medicine focused on Purpose & Prevention

    The culmination of Dr. Spar’s training, teachings, research, experiences, publications and passions is the Tack180 program. This program allows him to share his expertise by utilizing the most advanced testing along with a holistic Integrative approach to provide meaningful recommendations for optimal health to everyone he works with.

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