Analysis: Dr. Spar interprets your results and designs a plan.

Analysis: Dr. Spar interprets your results and designs a plan.

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Posted on: April 3, 2017

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PHASE 2: Interpretation and Personalization

When you do any of the Tack180 programs, Dr. Spar will meet with you to discuss your health concerns, personal goals, and medical history before giving you a detailed overview of all the testing that you will undergo. After testing, Dr. Spar will analyze and interpret all of the results in light of your unique history and goals, developing a customized path to living longer and stronger. His extensive knowledge and training in Integrative Medicine allows Dr. Spar to create a wide-ranging plan of action for you, which includes specific recommendations on:

  • Supplements: what’s good for everyone versus what’s good for you.
  • Medications: how much, how often and which pharmaceuticals enhance, prevent or heal, with the fewest side effects.
  • Diet: cravings, micronutrients, meal planning, sugar. What you can keep, what you should change.
  • Exercise: how much, what type, what to add and what to reduce for peak performance and injury prevention.
  • Sleep: what can help you get the sleep you need to feel good and minimize oxidative damage.
  • Stress Management: mental as well as supplemental support to minimize the impact of stress.
  • Additional modalities if necessary: client needs vary depending on age, circumstances and goals.
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