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Brian, Business Executive & Activist

“I’m a healthy man, just shy of 50. Tack180 helped me get a picture of my health I would have never gotten in a regular check-up. The in-depth health and fitness assessment showed me what was working and what wasn’t. I now not only have peace of mind about some of the more serious, asymptomatic diseases, but I have a plan that can take me through the next three decades of my life, or more.”


  • “I just had a physical. Why does my doctor say I’m fine when I still have unexplained symptoms?”

  • “I’ve bought tons of expensive supplements over the years. Which do I actually need? What really works for me?”

  • “I work out. I eat well. But am I doing all I can to avoid a real problem?”

Tack180 digs deeper to identify mysterious aches and pains as well as chronic hurdles like weight loss, sleep, stress management and sexual performance.

Highly specific testing is able to spot underlying risk factors for future disease. After reviewing in-depth results and diagnostics, Dr. Spar formulates a plan that addresses current issues and uses predictive analysis to mitigate genetic predispositions to certain future conditions. Our integrated plan of attack gives you critical information as well as a personalized plan that you can follow for life. We’ll even help you stick to that plan with the support of a professional implementation team that will assist you in overcoming common hurdles to behavior change and hold you accountable in the long run.

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Tony, Tech Entrepreneur

“Tack180 is freedom. It provides me with a blueprint that’s customized to my body, my health history and my goals. Their cutting edge personalized testing not only answered questions about my diet, it also uncovered problems that my annual checkup missed, most importantly BEFORE they could become serious. Dr. Spar makes it easy, accessible and possible. I don’t waste time wondering what to eat or which supplements are right for me. The difference is – now I know. I’ll never look back. Tack180 is the program I’ve been looking for.”

How Much Should I Invest?

Undiagnosed symptoms are the root cause of everything from impotence and insomnia to heart disease and cancer. Your ability to get in front of these issues, to understand where they come from and why, is the key to their solution and prevention.

  • Individual Tack180 Tests: $500+

    Choose 1 or more of the following tests (plus interpretation) to start with. Email info@tack180.com for complete list/pricing.
    • Hormones (Sex, Energy, Sleep)
    • Food Sensitivities
    • Genetic Testing for Disease Prevention or Longevity
    • Heart Disease Risk (Imaging & Advanced Cardiac Panel)


  • Tack180 Program: $3,500

    For those who want a comprehensive, in-depth look into what physiological barriers could be keeping you from your goals.
    • Genetic, Hormone, Nutrition and Cardiovascular Tests
    • Imaging for Heart Attack/Stroke Risk and Body Fat
    • Dr. Spar’s Results Analysis & Recommendations
    • Access to Dr. Spar by Email


Tack180 Certified Professionals include: Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches and Mental Performance Experts

*No minimum commitment, cancellable at any time. Cancellations require 30-day notice; plans require keeping active credit-card on file for monthly charges. Fees may be covered by your health savings account. Confer with your accountant.
  • Steve, M.D

    “As a physician, I’m often frustrated by the blunt instruments we use in healthcare. By the time most routines tests are abnormal, patients may be far down the path of disease. When I heard about Dr. Spar’s Tack180 program, I felt compelled to enroll myself. Finally, a program that looks deep into your physiology by measuring a vast array of parameters. Dr. Spar spends significant time with you – explaining the results, offering perspective, recommending solutions, and answering your questions. This is the most comprehensive, thorough assessment I have ever encountered.”

  • Linda, Web Designer

    “I am now dialed in and it feels great! I did Tack180 because as I get older my methods of caring for myself weren’t having the same positive effect. The assessment revealed (1) a lot of good news, (2) confirmation of some suspicions, and (3) some things that I had no idea were happening (genetic predisposition to B-vitamin deficiency). Dr. Spar put me on a simple program to put my body back in balance and now I’m the best version of myself! I cannot recommend Dr. Spar and Tack180 enough!”

  • Dan, Director & Producer

    “Dr. Spar is not only a leader in integrative medicine, he’s someone who supports your vision for yourself. I care about my health – but I don’t want to think about my health all the time. He changed my life by giving me the answers that allow me to do what we know works for me. The Tack180 Implementation team makes it easy for me to stick to Dr. Spar’s recommendations and quickly respond to any questions that come up. This has saved me time, given me peace of mind and a plan I can follow for life.”

  • James, Model & Marathoner

    “As a model and athlete, my very livelihood depends on looking and performing at my best. Despite working with top trainers, doctors, and nutritionists, I’ve never been able to uncover the subtle imbalances in my biological profile that Tack180 did. Tack180 helped me achieve more energy, focus, and a level of peak performance that’s pushing my potential – and career – to new heights.”

Still have questions?

You should. You are your own best health advocate, and any program worth doing is worth talking through, first. We offer a free 20-minute consultation with Dr. Spar in order to answer your questions, and also to give the doctor a better picture of your goals. Dr. Spar usually has recommendations you can implement right away.

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